ENLIGHTEN DONGLE USB DMX Interface and Software
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Enlighten Dongle
Sku MC1020

USB DMX Interface and Software


  • Unrivaled in the world of lighting control, Mega-Lite Enlighten is a solution for clubs, houses of worship, and mobile DJs alike. The intuitive user interface makes creating a light show a breeze, utilizing a built-in wizard system that walks you through the process step by step. Create looks, mix them together, and make adjustments on the fly. Even control video with the +Media feature, allowing users to crossfade lighting and video at the same time. For addeed control, integrate a touch screen or one of Mega-Lite's control consoles to maniuplate multiple layers directly from the board. With Enlighten's width berth of flexibility and versatility, the possibilities are limitless!

Included Items:

  • USB to 1 DMX 512 output
  • USB Cable
  • Driver Install Guide
  • Mega-Lite Enlighten Install USB Drive


  • Step by Step Wizard walks the user through creating a look or sequence
  • For advanced users, forego the wizard and hop right in!
  • Add your own fixtures or patch in existing fixtures from the expansive library of lights
  • Unlimited pages of buttons that trigger Scenes, Chases, Scene/Chase Groups, and even Timeline Schedules.
  • Unlimited buttons on each page
  • LED macros built in.
  • Give life to your moving heads with the Shape Generator for movement with offset variation
  • Easily backup and restore entire shows
  • Printable patch list for setup convenience
  • Password protection in User Only Mode
  • Light show visualizer with fully adjustable camera
  • Direct fader Control with virtual Wheel Controls
  • Fixture Groups
  • Copy/Paste scenes and sequences
  • Unlimited fixtures
  • Up to 24 Universes or 12,288 DMX channels (CPU and USB interface dependent)


  • Control your light show with any device that has Internet access - smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Lock any Look or Sequence
  • Audio Input or ‘tap’ sync available for each button to enable Sound Active look
  • Utilize Auto Pilot to have your show run itself and still look like someone is behind the controls
  • Click-and-drag arrangement of buttons anywhere on screen
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut or Midi Input Command for any button you create
  • Individual Strobe control for all capable Fixtures on main screen.
  • Fog/Haze Control On main screen
  • Adjustable Refresh Rate to make fixtures video-friendly
  • SOLO mode for any fixture
  • Live control override at any time
  • Touch screen enabled (19" or higher)

System Requirements

  • PC with minimum 700Mhz Processor
  • Video Resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • USB port for USB to DMX interface
  • Windows 98/2000, XP(32 or 64 bit), or Vista (32bit or 64bit )
  • Microphone or Line In for Audio Detection
  • Dual output Video card for Video Playback
  • Windows Media Player 9 or higher for Audio/Video Playback
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