Washbot LED CYMK 300 versatile affordable LED moving light with CMYK color mixing, 7°- 31° zoom range
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Washbot LED CYMK 300
Sku# 1185-WashBot


MEGA-LITE presents the Washbot™ LED CYMK 300, a new versatile LED fixture that is designed to deliver a smooth, beautifully mixed color wash effect


  • Equipped with a 300W LED engine that can produce a bright and even powerful projection, the Washbot’s impressive  7°- 31° zoom range allows for the unit to be utilized in versatile settings.

  • With a smooth CMYK color mixing, it allows for multiple color combination. The Kelvin color wheel allows for White Color temperature adjustment from 7300K to 3900K giving it the capability to add various shades of white to any specific scene, this enables the light to go from a bright cool to a smooth warm making it perfect for theater use.

  • It provides three CTO filters 47K, 35K, and 33K which gives more control of the white tones. The Washbot’s unique color mixing engine offers a smooth CYMK color mixing and a unique set of added colors that reside on the back end of the CYMK color wheels. It gives you the ability to create exquisite color combinations and has some unique bicolor capabilities including a tricolor (RGB color grouping). An additional color wheel with 7 fixed colors is also included for fast color scrolling.

  • The Washbot™ features an impressive 7º-31º zoom, allowing it to project a remarkable even wash or a narrow beam. It also has a unique lenticular lens, which gives the unit better beam control and facilitates the ability to spread the beam vertically onto any sized stage or rotate the beam to create colorful beam movements.

  • The Washbot™ is the full-size fixture that is designed to highlight a stage. It can be used to create a unique wash effect in large or small venues. It is ideal for theater use and remains a highly economical fixture compared to others in its class.

  • The Washbot™ is the same size as the SpotBot™ and can be shipped with or without its dual road case (sold separately), allowing you to always have the indispensable Washbot™ and its effects ready to go.


  • LAMP: Luminus 300W LED lamp Color temp 7382K
  • LAMP LIFE: Average 60,000 hours
  • CRI: 75.2
  • PAN: 540° 8/16 bit
  • TILT: 270° 8/16 bit
  • ZOOM RANGES: 7°~ 31º
  • DMX CONNECTORS: 3 and 5-pin XLR in and out panel mounted
  • POWER CONNECTION: Power Con Type in and out
  • FASTENING SYSTEM:  2 Quick Release Clamp Mounts 
  • POWER SUPPLY: Electronic Auto Switching 90V≈240V 50/60Hz
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: Watts: 363W / Amps: 3.2
  • IP RATING: 22
  • DISPLAY: LED Display
  • PRISM: Linear Beam Shaping Rotation (Indexing)
  • FOCUS: Mechanical Focus
  • LUX AT 3.5 METER : 52464.4
  • COLOR SECTION 1: Red, UV, Dark Blue
  • COLOR SECTION 2: Lime Green, Orange, Green
  • COLOR SECTION 3: Light Pink, Teal, RGB
  • COLOR SECTION 4: 4789 K, 3513 K, 3301 K
  • DIMENSIONS(LxWxH): 17.3" x 10.25" x 27"
  • WEIGHT: 51.25 lbs
  • Ships From TX Stock
  • Average Delivery Time: 3-5 business days**
    (** in stock product, from date of order, standard ground shipping, delivery within the lower 48 US states)


Sku: WashbotLEDCYMK300
Brand: Mega Lite