AFF-4L Atmosity Fast Dissipating Fog Fluid (4 Liters/1.0567 gallons) Jug 4-PAK
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AFF-4L Atmosity Fast Dissipating Fog Fluid 4-PAK


4x AFF-4L 4-Liter (1.0567 gallon) Jugs (totaling 4.23 gallons)


  • Elation Atmosity AFF fast dissipating fog fluid (AFF-4L) is formulated for use with the Magmatic Rocket Series Javelin, Sidewinder and Tomahawk machines.
  • Hang time is anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds.
  • Comparable to Antari FLC Fog Fluid.


  • Sold in 4 Liter Bottles- sold by the case (4 x 4L Bottles)
  • All cartons are heavy duty - double wall construction approved by UPS, FEDEX & AIRBORNE.
  • Shipping Weight; 47 lbs (DImensional Weight)
  • Ships From: CA or FL stock
    Average Delivery Time: 3-5 business days**
    (** in stock product, from date of order, standard ground shipping, delivery within the lower 48 US states)

Sku: AFF-4L-4pak
Brand: Elation Professional
Weight: 47.00