STRYKER BEAM 100W LED Moving Head Beam
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Stryker Beam
Sku# STR200

100 Watt LED Beam fixture that is suitable for installation as well as for mobile use


Suitable for installation in nightclubs and other entertainment venues, as well as for mobile use by production companies and entertainers, Eliminator Lighting’s Stryker Beam is a potent moving head beam fixture. It focuses the light from a powerful 100W LED light engine through high quality optics to create a razor-sharp output that will punch through background lighting to create piercing mid-air effects.

The Stryker Beam offers fast, precise movement as well as a diverse collection of beam-shaping tools, which provide lighting designers lots of creative potential. A dedicated GOBO wheel features 11 die-cut metal shapes (plus open), which include two beam reducer options alongside a carefully curated selection of patterns designed for generating aerial effects. A motorized focus function allows GOBOs to be kept sharp, while a separate color wheel offers 13 vibrant options (plus white) and an additional 6-color flag allows the creation of multi-colored beam effects, A built-in frost filter allows the fixture to switch from a hard-edge beam to a soft wash of light. Finally, two circular rotating prisms are provided, 8-facet and 16-facet, which can be used to split up the narrow beam into a wider break-apart effect. Both prisms may be layered for an animated effect. 

For a fixture of its class, the Stryker Beam is a compact and lightweight moving head, which is easily portable. It features a large full color display screen, providing access to an intuitive menu-driven interface for DMX addressing and customization of the unit’s operating parameters. It features locking power input and output sockets, to allow multiple fixtures to daisy chain from a single outlet, together with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX sockets for easy integration into any existing DMX system.

Light Source:

• 100W LED Engine
• 6-Degree Beam Angle
• Full color function display with 4 buttons
• Fast, precise, pan & tilt movements
• Primary / Secondary stand-alone mode 
• Motorized Focus
• Frost Filter (50-Degree Wash Effect)


Color Wheel:

• 13 colors + open
• Separate 6-Color flag for multi-color effects

Gobo Wheel:

• Metal wheel with 11 GOBOS + open (2 are beam reducers)
• GOBO Shake Effect
Prism Wheel:
• 8-facet rotating circular prism
• 16-facet rotating circular prism
• Prism layering



• 2 DMX channel modes: 6 & 19 channels
• Protocols: DMX-512, RDM, Auto and Primary/Secondary control modes
• Electronic Dimmer: 0- 100 % 
• Variable Strobe: 0-20HZ
• With Wired Digital Communication Network



• DMX Data In/Out: 3-pin & 5-pin connections
• Power In: Blue Locking indoor power connection
• Power Out: White Locking indoor power connection


• Pan/Tilt: 540-degrees / 270-degrees
• 16-bit Fine Pan
• 16-bit Fine Tilt


• Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-24V, 50/60Hz
• Maximum Power Consumption: 150W
• Power daisy chain: 2 units @120V, 3 units @230V

What's Included:

(1) Locking Power cable
(1) Omega bracket

Dimensions / Weight:

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.875” x 11.875” x 18.3125” / 200x302x465mm
• Weight: 29 lbs. / 12.8 kg


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Sku: StrykerBeam
Brand: Eliminator Lighting