Due to the size, shape, weight and fragility of select products, it is not possible for us to provide a "set" or "automatically calculated" cost for shipping.  While some online online resellers opt to provide "cost averaged" shipping charges, we prefer to quote a fair, accurate and "real" shipping cost.

Once your order has been placed it is reviewed and a shipping quote is obtained and shared with you by email for your approval.  Your order is not charged until you have approved the shipping and the revised order total. You are under no obligation whatsoever to complete the purchase.  You can request that your order be cancelled without charge or further obligation.

You can obtain a no-obligation shipping quote prior to placing your order. Shipping quotes are administered upon receipt during regular business hours.  To obtain a quote simply contact us by phone during regular business hours or send us an email that includes:

  • A list of the product(s) you are planning to order.  Include the brand and model and quantity of each product.
  • Your ship-to address.  We need to have either the complete address or at least the city, state and zip code.
  • The type of location where the order would be shipping.  Freight cost will differ based on the type of location.

    Indicate which of the following will apply to your order;
    - residential
    - business/commercial
    - business/commercial with a receiving dock

  • How soon you will require delivery of your order.  If you have no set requirement, or do not indicate a deadline for delivery then the Quote will be for standard freight shipping.
  • The best way for us to contact you with any questions or where you would like the Quote sent.  If you do not include this information we will reply to the email address from  the Quote Request was sent.
  • Requests for a Quote that are incomplete will require us to reply to your request asking for more information. So, please be sure to include the necessary information to avoid delaying your Quote.